Core Performance Fitness in Ellicottville, NY


Looking for Fitness classes or personal training in Ellicottville, NY?  We offer a 2,000 square-foot private facility, conveniently located in The Ellicottville Square located on Bristol Ln, Ellicottville, NY 14731.  We are a locally owned business with over 14 years of personal training experience. Enjoy our group fitness room, private one-on-one studio and the open gym atmosphere.

CORE PERFORMANCE- the ability to lose body fat, improve flexibility, become more powerful, and strengthen and stabilize joints in order to maximize performance and prevent injuries!

KIM cropOver the past 2 decades, I have helped people from all fitness levels to become fitter and healthier through exercise. I have created programs for children, adolescents, adults and seniors. The programs created have not only been created to help them look better, (fitter) but also serve as lifelong formulas to maximize performance and help maintain a high quality of life.
An efficient and effective workout program needs to focus on the vital muscles that support your hips, torso, shoulders and back~ AKA: The Core Muscles. These areas make up your “TOWER OF POWER”. They control your ability to do work, to be stable and strong.
We tend to “lose” these muscles if we do not use them, which is why so many people end up with devastating hip, back and rotator cuff problems. If you build a strong suspension system or core stability, you will be more flexible, powerful and balanced. Ultimately, you will be more confident…either on the golf course, the ski hill, on the athletic field or in life in general.
Your body is your most important investment in life, and fortunately, it is something you have control over. So often an injury is what will get you thinking of a better health and fitness regime. Why wait for that injury to occur-Start NOW and MINIMIZE the risk of problems in the future.

A Core Workout consists of the following :

1. Warm up- You are preparing for movement to help prevent injury and make for more flexible joints and muscles. This can be completed in 10 minutes-it is not meant to be high impact or high intensity. Cardiovascular equipment is a good way to warm up Deb weight cropwithout impact or intensity. If cardio equipment is NOT available, traditional calisthenics are an option.
2. Stretching- Very important and often neglected!! Stretching will increase your flexibility, range of motion and overall muscle conditioning. This should be done daily for at least 3-5 minutes.
3. Physioball/Core Routine-  A series of exercises that will improve hip, core and shoulder strength and stability.
4. Elasticity-  This will help further strengthen the body’s legs, core and joints. Also will help the body to generate force and make it springy.
5. Strength-  A total body approach that will train the body for increased power, stability and mobility.
6. Cardiovascular Development-  Building your endurance and stamina while helping to strengthen core muscles.
You will discover that you can make improvements in all of these areas and do it efficiently, in small blocks of time, AND enjoy the process.

Your results are NOT GUARANTEED-They are EARNED!

I ask you to keep an open mind and work steadily and consistently to improve your strength and stamina as well as your overall core performance. And remember….

Nothing is accomplished without making a commitment!