Personal Training

Customized programs address your needs and keep pushing you forward.  In addition we develop a fitness program to keep you

moving when you’re outside of our walls.  We provide a plan for cardio, strength training,stretching and diet, you provide the motivation.

Strength training can be the most efficient and effective training you do for your body. Both men and women can benefit since muscle mass is the key to maintaining your metabolism and bone density. Strength training also helps coordination, balance and safe guards your joints. Together, we can build a stronger, leaner and injury resistant body.

Core Performance Personal Training Prices:
1 on 1 workouts~ $50/hour
$450 for 10 workouts

½ hour workouts~ $35
$300 for 10 workouts

2 on 1 workouts~ $65/hour
$600 for 10 workouts ($300/person)
Workouts are non transferable and non refundable

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