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Core Performance offers a variety of strength and conditioning classes designed around everyone’s individual needs and desires. We also have “live” instructors that can modify exercises and monitor your form to prevent you from injuring yourself.  Core Performance also offers showers for folks who are headed straight to work.  Classes are an affordable and excellent way to get in shape!
Class prices (except personal training) are $10 and packages can be purchased for all classes.

All classes welcome men, as well as, women and are truly for all fitness levels.


MWF @ 6am. TRX Strong and Fit– taught by certified TRX instructors, this class guides each participant through exercises created specifically by TRX to engage your entire body. Participants learn to move effortlessly from lower body to upper body and core with the adjustable TRX bands.  Add ins include circuits with other strength training equipment and you have a total body workout that will leave you invigorated and motivated for the day ahead.  This class is a monthly class with a monthly fee- Drop in is welcome and is $10/class


Tuesday and Thursday @830am TRX Strength and Core

This class is designed to be low impact yet very effective when it comes to developing strength and stability.  TRX bands, stability balls, and dumbbells are just some of the equipment that you will be using. Classes are $10/class- packages are available.

Tuesday @ 7am- Deep Stretch and meditation this class is a perfect combination of strength, flexibility and stability bridging the gap between fitness, yoga and Pilates. Participants will be guided through a series of gentle stretches and breathing techniques that will enhance your movement literacy.  Classes end with a 5 minute meditation. Class price is $10/class

Monday and Thursday at 5pm- The Basics Class this class was created for everyone from a newbie to strength training to an expert. Exercises are broken down to their basic principles so that form and flow can be taught and experienced.

Classes are $10/class- Monthly packages are available.

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